Standard Fasteners are a popular choice for connecting to aluminium profiles at a right-angle.  A number of sizes are available which correspond to the line of aluminium profile used.

The necessary thread (b) is tapped directly into the core bore of the profile.

A drill hole (a) is required for the Hex key to access the fastener when it is in place.

Position of the through holes for the Hex key.

Standard Fastening Set
5 6 8 8E
a Ø 4.3mm Ø 5.5mm Ø 7mm Ø 7mm
b M5

12mm deep


15mm deep


18mm deep

c 20mm 30mm 40mm 40mm
d 10mm 15mm 20mm 20mm

The standard connecting plates can be arranged to match the way in which the profiles are fitted.
Large profiles with high load-bearing capabilities can be connected using a larger number of Standard Fasteners.