We love to encourage creative people who are willing to give something a go.  We understand that sometimes that means things don’t go to plan. If you have ordered the wrong product and it’s within 30 days of purchase, we can offer a credit on returned items.  Profiles and components that have been cut or machined will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

If there is a major problem with a product, you are entitled to a refund or replacement or you may choose to keep the product and be reasonably compensated.

If there is a minor problem, we will work with you to fix the issue within a reasonable time.

Online customers have the same refund rights as they do when buying from a physical shop.  Under the Australian Consumer Law, any item you buy is covered by consumer guarantees.  However, the consumer guarantees will not apply if a business buys goods to resell or transform into a product to sell.



Products do not need to be in their original packaging to be returned. You do, however, need to ensure the products are adequately protected for posting or collection.  If you are not able to bring the products back to us in person, you will have to return them by post or another delivery service.  The choice of delivery service can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

If you are returning a product because you ordered the wrong thing, you will need to pay the return postage.

If there is a major or minor problem, as outlined on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website; “As a general rule, if the item can be posted or easily returned, consumers should cover the initial cost of returning faulty products to the supplier.  Consumers should keep the receipts for those costs because if the returned products are later confirmed to have a fault – whether major or minor – they can recover reasonable postage or transportation costs from the seller.”  In these circumstances we will pay the necessary shipping costs within a reasonable time.  If the products are not found to be faulty after returning them to us, you will be charged the transport costs to have them redelivered to you.


Change of mind

We do not generally provide a refund if you have:

  • changed your mind
  • damaged the product by misusing it
  • used the product for a long time and the problem is a result of usual wear and tear