Quality, durable mechanisms

A wide range of sliding and lifting options are shown below. All are regularly stocked in Australia, giving you fast delivery.  They are incorporated into aluminium profiles as required by each application.

The simplest devices, the T-slot sliders and rollers are ideal for manual applications. If you’re looking for something with more strength then the robust track slide is a great manual option.

The sliding door system is a stylish way of enclosing just about anything, with customisable length, width and height.

Automated options, such as height adjustment and linear slides with timing belts, can be very efficient solutions.

T-slot Sliding Inserts for grooved aluminium

Design and installation advice are readily available

Call us with your project idea or send a simple sketch via email and we can send you a quote. A computer-generated drawing can be provided to you to help with visualising your creation.

Robust Track Slide

A sliding door with the dimensions you need

In most cases, the entire system can be constructed by you on site. Installation instructions are available.

Low maintenance

Linear slides with timing belt drives are particularly suitable for high speeds and extended stroke lengths. Preassembled Linear Slides can be designed and constructed for you by our experts.

The below are individual components for the LRE Belt Drives.

Linear Slide Components


Use the Timing Belt Drive to create a powerful, driven linear slide.

Timing Belt Drive Components Main Picture

Improve your quality of life

Regulate the working height of work benches, production lines, machines and conveyors in a matter of seconds.

Optimise your design

Height or angle adjustment can be added to practically any structure to make life easier, safer and more efficient.

Telescopic Aluminium Profiles Main