Simple DIY with professional results

Trolleys, conveyors and flow-racks can be a great time saving technique and increase safety in the workplace.

The D30 Lean Production System delivers cost efficiency and flexibility of design with its 30mm round tubing and range of connectors. The German-engineered fasteners and conveyors are strong and easy to assemble.

Curved Label for Round Tube

Update and reconfigure

Modifications on-the-go are very achievable due to versatile connectors and no minimum quantities to buy.

Assembly can, in most cases, be done without the need for a second set of hands. The simple set of products means that the end user can be in complete control of the design, construction and any future modifications.

D30 Feet and Castor Wheel Options

The tubes are anodised aluminium, significantly lighter than steel

The only tool required is a 5mm Hex Key once the tubes are cut to size, which can be done with a regular hacksaw, or similar. Precision cuts are not required as the tube can be cut up to 5mm short without affecting the holding force of the fastener.

Round Tube Aluminium Profile

See it in action

Watch Alexander from Plan B Automation build a trolley using D30 products:

The conveyors can also be assembled with little to no machining required

T-slot nuts and screws are all that’s needed in most cases. Two different conveyor types are available, Conveyor Rail Al with interchangeable inserts and the Conveyor St with simple, time-efficient design.

Fastener for D30 Round Tube

Employees can adjust their own work area

Dominik Eisele shows how his company is using lean production techniques to build adjustable workbenches and material picking racks:

Design and assembly advice are readily available

Send us a sketch and we can help you finalise your design and send you a quote. In many cases, it is possible for you to process and assemble the design on site, otherwise we can often create a flat-pack if that will be a more convenient option.

While the end product is completely up to you, here are some popular examples that may help as a starting point:

Material Picking Rack

Mobile D30 Kanban FIFO Rack
Part Number: EX-01101

  • colour-coded Kanban roller conveyors that indicate how full a shelf is
  • built-in lighting for dark areas of the warehouse
Three Tier Trolley

D30 Rack with Three Levels
Part Number: EX-01053

  • plenty of space for containers over three levels
  • the cover acts as a temporary set-down surface and prevents dust and small parts getting into the containers
Parts Picking Trolley

Material Provisioning Rack on Castors
Part Number: EX-01051

  • an efficient means of delivering a whole range of starting materials to work benches
  • three inclined provisioning levels
  • castors ensure the rack can be easily moved from place to place within the warehouse
Strong Factory Trolley

Robust D30 Rack
Part Number: EX-01091

  • Each compartment can carry a maximum load of around 600kg and each level a maximum of around 400kg
  • Yet still easy to move from place to place

Easy to adapt

The D30 tubes are compatible with the regular Profile 6 range. There are also adapters to secure D30 tubes to Profile 8. Therefore almost all of item’s aluminium profiles, T-slot nuts and universal components are at your fingertips.

See the Profile 6 range of profiles

Adapter for D30 and any flat surface

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