Freedom of choice

Choose to have your profiles cut to the length you require before we ship them to you or buy in bulk. Most profiles come in 6 metre or 3 metre lengths, as indicated.

Profile 8 Main Picture

Reliability in design

To this day, an item profile from 1982 can still be combined with the latest product innovation. Whatever structure you build today, you’ll still be able to extend, modify and optimise it later on.

Profile 6 Main Picture

High Quality Anodizing

The profiles are anodized to ensure their surfaces are protected for the long term, and use a particularly complex and high-quality anodized surface covering that won’t be scraped off by the first scratches.

Conduit Profiles keep cables tidy and safe

Aluminium or PVC options are available.

Curved profiles

A stylish choice and easy to clean.

Curved and Angled Aluminium Profiles