Engineer your own creations,
or let us do it for you.

A design made from the item Building Kit System is a flexible solution that can be assembled easily. The basic elements consist of aluminium profiles and fasteners. A large range of additional parts are available to finish off the design.

There are over 2500 components that make up the item Building Kit. If you can’t find the right solution or think there might be a more efficient way of designing your project, give us a call to discuss what you’re planning.

The Profile 8 range is used in a majority of applications. Profile 5 and Profile 6 are great for smaller projects.

Aluminium Profiles Main Picture item

In most cases, the only tool required for assembly is a standard hexagon key.

The screw attachment principle of all the fasteners allows modifications to the structure, which means enlargements or reductions in the size and shape of the aluminium framework are possible.

The diverse range of fasteners can accommodate practically any angle.

Fasteners for Aluminium Profiles

T-slot Nuts can be inserted into the aluminium profile groove.

T-slot nuts are useful for securing components onto aluminium profiles, as well as joining two profiles together, by creating a clamping force for a screw in the groove. M3, M4, M5, M6 and M8 screws can be used depending on which T-slot Nut you choose. This will be clearly defined in the product descriptions.

T-slot Nuts can be inserted from the side or the end of the groove in most instances.

Because there is no drilling into the profile, the connections can be moved or removed at a later date.

T-slot Nuts for Aluminium Extrusions

Use the groove to create sliding or lifting movements.

Whether it be a simple camera mount, an adjustable monitor stand or a complex machine with a number of axes, there are a range of sliders and mechanisms to choose from.

Our range of Height Adjustment devices are ideal for workbenches. They can also be used for custom projects.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, and physics.

Height adjustment and linear slides

Find a secure footing with a range of feet and castors.

Uneven floors aren’t an issue with the diverse range of floor elements available.

The infinitely adjustable Knuckle Feet are suitable for a wide range of applications and come in a number of sizes. The Stand Feet and L-Based Feet create a secure and stable connection.

Castors come in a range of sizes to cater for the load and braking needs of your project.

Adjustable Feet and Wheels

A reliable door doesn’t need much.

The handles in our range are highly versatile and useful on a variety of panel thicknesses and frame configurations.

Door stops and locks ensure the design is fit for purpose.

Handles and locks for aluminium profiles and panels

End Caps that fit perfectly

The always popular End Caps protect the profiles and eliminate the need for deburring of the cut edge.

End Caps for Aluminium Profiles

Cover and Protect

Cover profiles and Radius Seals are an excellent way to deter dust and make cleaning easier.

Hide any holes left by fasteners in Covered Profiles by choosing the Covers for Bores and Holes in the size you require.

Covers Main Picture