Parts Containers

Make it easier to store and pick small parts at work benches. The stackable Parts Containers are divided into two sections: a storage container at the rear and a picking tray at the front, with a sloping divider in between so that small parts can be easily transferred to the tray.

Parts Container Fasteners are used to secure the Containers to the profile 8 groove. The angle between the Container and profile can be adjusted in 15° increments to support natural movement sequences.

Parts Containers item

0.0.432.73 Parts Container 80x40, black Parts Container 80×40, black
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0.0.432.74 Parts Container 120x40, black Parts Container 120×40, black
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0.0.432.75 Parts Container 160x80, black Parts Container 160×80, black
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Parts Container Fastener Parts Container Fastener 40
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Grab Containers

Rapid material supply and ergonomics at the work bench thanks to simple sorting, easy access and perfect positioning in the ideal handling area. Compared to conventional methods that involve unnecessary movements and thus waste time, this picking concept demonstrably improves cycle times and therefore productivity.

Grab Containers item

0.0.664.40 Grab Container 8 105x130 ESD, black similar to RAL 9005 Grab Container 8 105×130 ESD, black similar to RAL 9005
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0.0.669.43 0.0.669.43 Grab Container 8 105×130, blue similar to RAL 5017
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0.0.669.42 Grab Container 8 105x130, green similar to RAL 6024 Grab Container 8 105×130, green similar to RAL 6024
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0.0.664.35 Grab Container 8 105x130, grey similar to RAL 7042 Grab Container 8 105×130, grey similar to RAL 7042
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0.0.669.40 Grab Container 8 105x130, red similar to RAL 3020 Grab Container 8 105×130, red similar to RAL 3020
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0.0.669.41 Grab Container 8 105x130, yellow, similar to RAL 1023 Grab Container 8 105×130, yellow, similar to RAL 1023
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