Safety first

Our products provide solutions for machine guards and safety guarding, large and small, to allow a machine to run without interference and stop foreign objects getting into the machine. They are also ideal for laser guards and areas requiring lighting controls.

Customised to meet essentially any required dimensions, the modular building kit will optimise space and cater precisely to special purpose designs.

Enclosure item

High quality products

The aluminium profiles are cut to size, with no minimum length and a maximum length of 6 metres for most profiles. As well as the standard profiles 5, 6 and 8, there is a broad range of curved and angled profiles. Cover profiles are available to cover up the groove for a neat finish.

Powder coating the frame in a different colour can also be provided.

Polycarbonate panels are a popular choice, however there are many other options. Panels can be placed inside the groove, or fastened outside the groove as required.

Caps for Angled Profiles item

Versatile fastening options

A number of options are available for fastening the frame. Most needing little, if any, machining. While right-angle fasteners are the most broadly used, angle fasteners are also available for bracing or special applications.

A range of hinges allows for the right choice based on load-capacity, safety requirements and aesthetics. Sliding, lifting or swinging doors are available.

Light Duty Hinges Main item

Design and assembly advice are readily available

We can help you finalise your design and send you a quote. In many cases, it is possible to ship the enclosure as a flat-pack ready for you to assemble, otherwise it can be sent as a complete unit if that will be a more convenient option.