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We can provide custom designed workbenches that suit your space. The wide variety of well-engineered accessories will have you organised and working efficiently.

Height adjustments in both the bench tops and the shelves are a great addition. Studies show that ergonomic work benches boost productivity. This is because unnecessary and even harmful movements can be avoided. Relaxed workers can concentrate better and make fewer mistakes.

Workbenches from Item DE

Basic Configurations

The workbench can include a Frame, a Benchtop, an Upright and an Overhang. The dimensions are whatever you need them to be.

Two, four and six legged tables are very achievable.

Modular Components and Automation are available to help with any stage of the design process.

Base structure for workbench

Table Top for Aluminium Workbench
Vertical Frame on Workbench
Overhead Frame for workbench

See them in action

View some of the designs from other workplaces:

Change when needed

Once the basic configuration is in place, additional components are secured to the frame. Due to a majority of the components being secured to aluminium profiles, the entire workbench or just the additions can be pulled apart and reconfigured at a later date.

Workbenches components item

Where to put things

When everything is in easy reach, work can be completed much faster.

Marius Geibel explains the three ergonomic handling areas of a good work bench:

Make it a complete solution

One of the benefits of a work bench that’s made from aluminium profiles, is that it can be linked with other warehouse equipment. A few considerations in the design stage can gear you up with a cost-efficient and time-saving storage and transport system. In many cases, the aluminium profiles and components can be reconfigured when warehousing needs change.  Some interlinking products to consider:

  • trolleys
  • flow racks
  • conveyors
  • order-picking areas
  • storage areas
Warehouse Equipment item

Design and assembly advice

While the end product is completely up to you, we can guide you through the process.

Delivery can be a flat-pack ready to assemble or a completed unit. The simplicity of the fasteners makes the flat-pack option very easy and cost effective.

Here are some popular examples that might be just what you need or may help as a starting point.

F2F Double Work Bench Back

F2F Double Work Bench

  • pivot arms for monitor and containers
  • adjustable height shelves
  • high load capacity
F2F Double Work Bench Front

Assembly Work Bench

  • one bench for two users
  • materials can be moved via roller conveyors to improve handling efficiency
Assembly Workbench

Production Work Bench

  • height adjustable for increased user productivity
  • trolley integrates into the user’s handling area
  • tool balancer springs back when not in use
Production Work Bench Separated
Karakuri Workbench Back

Karakuri Work Bench

  • optimised container handling with gravity flow racks
  • energy saving provisions
  • side infeed saves on space
Karakuri Workbench

Now for the fun part

Find your Workbench Components

Find your Workbench Hooks

Find your Workbench Holders

Attach to Pivot Arms

Inspired by ergonomic research and the desire for convenience, additional components such as pivot arms, adjustable shelves and magnetic tool holders, to name just a few, turn a basic work bench into a masterpiece.

Workbenches for ergonomic success with item

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