You can design, print and share projects in CAD without a CAD package

Receive a quote on your design using the ‘Enquiry’ function.

All the base products of the T-slot Aluminium system are at your disposal with this amazing CAD program known as the Engineering Tool.

Using only your web browser, you are free to design, experiment with ideas, save and share your work, with no software package!

Save yourself time and resources

See how the EngineeringTool could improve how you work, as well as a sneak peak of item’s warehousing systems:

What if…. ?

What would it be like if design work could just be done online?

If I could work from anywhere?

And shape my work to fit my life instead of the other way around?

If I could share my designs in seconds with all my customers and partners, all over the world?

If I could concentrate on the important aspects of my work, fewer distractions, none of the endless project meetings and feasibility checks?

If I could save projects and documents and use them again and expand them individually any time?

Would that not save a lot of time? And free up resources that would give my company an edge over the international competition?

It would save me time too. And I could spend that time on things outside work that are important to me.

What if that were all possible already?

Item is already smoothing the path towards digital engineering to the Design Engineer of the future.

The EngineeringTool will make you flexible and independent.

You can draft designs and have them checked immediately if you wish. And you can order and buy them directly* online as customised solutions from anywhere, anytime, without closing your browser.

The item EngineeringTool, for the digital engineering of tomorrow. For the Design Engineer of the future.

Try it out.”

* In Australia and New Zealand, users can request a quote directly through the EngineeringTool by using the ‘Enquiry’ function.