Develop your project with a wide range of fastening options

A reliable, intelligent range of fasteners with quality German engineering.

Most fasteners require only one person and a Hex key to assemble.

Cutting and drilling aluminium is a quick and clean task

Many fasteners require no machining at all in order to build a solid structure.  Others require just one or two processes per fastener.

Angle Fasteners for Aluminium Profiles

We can do all the cutting, drilling and machining for you

If you’re not confident or don’t have a workshop, simply tell us the basic design and we can ship a flat-pack to you, ready to assemble.  It is sometimes easiest to email a sketch of your project to us.

Contact us to discuss what you would like to do.  The basic machining processes are outlined here.

Panel Fasteners for Aluminium Profiles

Reuse the aluminium and fasteners

When it’s time for further R & D or you want to reconfigure your space, pull apart the current structure and rebuild.

Fasteners for Aluminium Profiles