When you need a unique, strong structure

If you have something in mind, we can help you build it. The beauty of our products is the flexibility to create as you wish.

Low Base Stand Example

Aluminium and fasteners

The grooves in the aluminium profile allow for T-slot nuts and other components to easily attach.

In many cases, the fasteners can be undone and reconfigured when needed, saving you time and money.

Aluminium Frame Example

Bring your ideas to life

The full range of item’s high-quality products are available to you. Whether it be hinges, handles, knuckle feet or sliding mechanisms, it’s as simple and adaptable as you like.

See the Building Blocks

Gantry example

Fast and efficient

Assembly is usually a one person job with a regular Hex key. We can deliver a flatpack with all the machining done, so all that’s left is a quick assembly upon receiving your project.

Monitor Stand Example

Design and assembly advice are readily available

Call us or send a sketch via email and we can help you finalise your design and send you a quote.

In many cases, it is easy to buy the individual products and construct it onsite, however we can create a flat-pack or ship a complete unit, if they are more convenient options.