Easy to cut, easy to fasten

Construct strong, modifiable structures with these round aluminium profiles and fasteners.

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D30 Profiles

Tube D30 and Profile Tube D30 form the base structure of most designs. Simply cut to size and fit together.

Profile Tube D30 would typically be used as the verticals and also for any additional fasteners. The ridges on the surface of Profile Tube D30 connect perfectly with the D30 fasteners and accessories, making construction very straightforward.

Profile 6 D30 connects with our standard range of Profile 6 fasteners and accessories.

The profiles can be cut to length upon ordering or buy in bulk to save on costs.


D30 Profiles for material handling


0.0.616.46 Profile 6 D30, natural Profile 6 D30, natural
Max. L = 6000mm
More specs & CAD
0.0.628.28 Profile Tube D30 Profile Tube D30, natural
Max. L = 6000mm
More specs & CAD
0.0.628.56 Tube D30, natural Tube D30, natural
Max. L = 6000mm
More specs & CAD

D30 Fasteners

Intelligent fasteners that make it incredibly easy to construct a diverse range of equipment. All you need is a 5mm Hex Key to fasten your structure.

Retrofitting is made possible with the Transverse Fastener D30.

Heavy loads are held stable with Parallel Fasteners and Bracing Struts.


0.0.623.56 Fastener D30 Fastener D30
More specs & CAD
0.0.630.60 Angle Fastener D30 a Angle Fastener D30
More specs & CAD
0.0.629.97 End Connector 8 D30 90deg End Connector 8 D30-90°
More specs & CAD
0.0.629.95 Bracing Strut D30 90deg Bracing Strut D30-90°
More specs & CAD
0.0.629.96 Multiblock D30 Multiblock D30
More specs & CAD
0.0.630.74 Panel Fastener D30 Panel Fastener D30
More specs & CAD
0.0.629.94 Parallel Fastener D30 Parallel Fastener D30
More specs & CAD
0.0.647.11 Table-Top Fastening Bracket D30 Table Top Fastening Bracket D30
More specs & CAD
0.0.637.90 Transverse Fastener D30 Transverse Fastener D30
More specs & CAD
0.0.630.83 Tube Clamp D30, grey Tube Clamp D30, grey
More specs & CAD
0.0.653.82 Fastening Set 8 D30 Fastening Set 8 D30
More specs & CAD
0.0.665.36 Plain Bearing D40 D30 50 ESD Plain Bearing D40/D30-50 ESD
More specs & CAD
0.0.637.87 Fastener D30 45deg Fastener D30-45°
More specs & CAD
0.0.630.39 Anti-Torsion Block 6 D30, grey Anti-torsion Block 6 D30
More specs & CAD
0.0.630.40 Anti-Torsion Block 6 D30-45deg, grey Anti-torsion Block 6 D30-45°
More specs & CAD

D30 Adapters

Three ways to adapt:

1. Easily connect an existing tube structure with our range of products using either the Adapter D30/D28-37 or D30/D28-25.

2. Turn a smooth tube into a grooved tube using Tube Adapter D30.

3. Connect fastening elements to any flat surface or Profile 8 grooves with the Adapter 8 D30.


0.0.630.51 Adapter 8 D30 Adapter 8 D30
More specs & CAD
0.0.642.62 Adapter D30 D28 25 Adapter D30/D28-25
More specs & CAD
0.0.638.88 Adapter D30 D28 37 Adapter D30/D28-37
More specs & CAD
0.0.630.61 Tube Adapter D30 Tube Adapter D30
More specs & CAD

D30 Caps

Cap 6 D30 and Cap Tube D30 cover the end face of the profiles, keeping dust and foreign objects out of the tubes and enhancing the overall design.

Cap D30 R slides perfectly into the side of a fastener D30, creating a flat, tamper-free surface after the fastener has been tightened.


0.0.634.45 Cap 6 D30, grey Cap 6 D30, grey
More specs & CAD
0.0.624.11 Cap D30 R, grey Cap D30 R, grey
More specs & CAD
0.0.629.78 Cap Tube D30 grey Cap Tube D30, grey
More specs & CAD

D30 Feet and Castors

Create movable shelving systems, trolleys and conveyors with Castors.

Alternatively, Knuckle Feet ensure a stable frame, even on uneven surfaces due to height adjustable threads and ball joints.


1.1.646.07 Castor D75 swivel with brake Castor D75 with Brake
Knuckle Foot D30, M6x60
More specs & CAD
0.0.634.36 Threaded Insert D30 M10 Threaded Insert D30 M10
More specs & CAD
0.0.641.00 Threaded Insert D30 M6, grey Threaded Insert D30 M6
More specs & CAD

D30 Label Holders

Continuity of labelling makes for an efficient workplace.

Two self-adhesive Label Holder types are available:
1. ‘Flex’ hangs below the tube.
2. ‘Non-flex’ wraps around the tube.


0.0.644.71 Label Holder D30-100 flex, transparent Label Holder D30-100 Flex, transparent
More specs & CAD
0.0.644.69 Label Holder D30 100, transparent Label Holder D30-100, transparent
More specs & CAD

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