Aluminium Extrusion Connection with no drilling
The profiles do not need to be machined in order to use the Automatic Fastening Sets.

Automatic Fastener Connection Pic3
The fastener is screwed into the profile groove in the end face, the thread being cut automatically. Use of a lubricant is recommended.
Auto Fastener Screw
Important Note: Rotate the Hex key counter-clockwise when inserting the fastener.

L-shaped Hex keys are ideal for tightening the screws.

Automatic Fasteners with a through bore for the fastening screw have a counter-clockwise thread on the outside to prevent the fastener from twisting when the screw is tightened.

Automatic Fastener Pairs
Automatic Fastening Sets should always be used in pairs.
Hex KeyHex Key
a (mm)S1S2
0.0.391.60Automatic-Fastening Set 5, bright zinc-plated6.84 A/F3 A/F
0.0.419.71 Automatic-Fastening Set 6, bright zinc-plated 9.55 A/F4 A/F
0.0.388.08 Automatic-Fastening Set 8, bright zinc-plated 13.26 A/F5 A/F
0.0.441.67 Automatic-Fastening Set 6, stainless 9.55 A/F4 A/F
0.0.440.58 Automatic-Fastening Set 8, stainless 13.26 A/F5 A/F

These fastening sets can be installed easily into existing constructions.