These Fastening Sets can be installed easily into existing constructions. The profiles do not need to be machined in order to use the Automatic-Fastening Sets.

The Fastener is screwed into a profile groove in the end face, the thread being cut automatically.

Use of a lubricant is recommended.

Auto Fastener Screw

Important Note: Rotate the Hex key counter-clockwise when inserting the Fastener.

Automatic Fasteners with a through bore for the fastening screw have a counter-clockwise thread on the outside to prevent the Fastener twisting when the screw is tightened.

Automatic Fastener Connection Pic3

L-shaped Hex keys are ideal for tightening the screws of the Fastener.

Automatic Fastening Sets should always be used in pairs.

a (mm) S1 S2
0.0.391.60 Automatic-Fastening Set 5, bright zinc-plated 6.8 4 A/F 3 A/F
0.0.419.71 Automatic-Fastening Set 6, bright zinc-plated 9.5 5 A/F 4 A/F
0.0.388.08 Automatic-Fastening Set 8, bright zinc-plated 13.2 6 A/F 5 A/F
0.0.441.67 Automatic-Fastening Set 6, stainless 9.5 5 A/F 4 A/F
0.0.440.58 Automatic-Fastening Set 8, stainless 13.2 6 A/F 5 A/F