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 Adjustable Foot PA

Adjustable Feet PA

These adjustable feet are designed for light applications such as furniture or guarding, for conveyor equipment or automated machines.

The height can be adjusted without the need for tools by simply turning the lower part of the foot.

 Adjustable Foot PA Dimensions

 Adjustable Knuckle Feet

Knuckle Feet

Knuckle Feet are adjustable feet, ideal for benches, machines, jigs and enclosures. The adjustable knuckle foot can be used anywhere with the right sized thread. Stainless steel options are available.

Slope compensation is by means of ball and socket.

 Adjustable Feet for Uneven Surfaces

Foot D20 M5x45

Foot D20, M5 x 45

max. vertical load 75kg

Foot D30 M6x45

Foot D30, M6 x 45

max. vertical load 90kg

Foot D30 M6x60

Foot D30, M6 x 60

max. vertical load 90kg

Foot D40 M8x60

Foot D40, M8 x 60

max. vertical load 150kg

Stainless, max. 1000kg

Foot D40 M8x80

Foot D40, M8 x 80

max. vertical load 150kg

Foot D40 M10x80

Foot D40, M10 x 80

max. vertical load 150kg

Foot D60 M10x75

Foot D60, M10 x 75

max. vertical load 500kg

Foot D60 M12x75, stainless

Foot D60, M12 x 75, stainless

max. vertical load 1500kg

Foot D60 M12x120

Foot D60, M12 x 120

max. vertical load 500kg

Foot D80 M10x80

Foot D80, M10 x 80

max. vertical load 1000kg

Foot D80 M12 or M16x100

Foot D80, M12 or M16 x 100

max. vertical load 1000kg

Foot D80 M12 or M16x160

Foot D80, M12 or M16 x 160

max. vertical load 1000kg

 L-Based Foot

L Based Feet

The L-Based foot is ideal for wall and floor mounting, particularly heavy-duty equipment.

The adjustable foot compensates for uneven surfaces and heights. A non-adjustable option is also available.

 L Based Foot Dimensions

 Stand Foot 8 240x160

Stand Foot 8 240×160

These are a particularly cost-effective and sturdy means of securing free-standing guards to the floor.

Line 8 aluminium profiles, preferably with a cross-section of 80x40mm or larger, are used.

 Stand Foot 8 240x160 Dimensions

 Castor D125 Swivel Anti-static


Our castors feature easy movement and high load bearing capacity. They are capable of withstanding the majority of adverse environmental conditions.

Several types of Castors are available.

 Castors in various sizes


 Foot Cap 8 40x40

Foot Cap

In applications where appearance is important, for example work benches, Foot Caps cover the end face of Profile 8 40×40 Light.

Knuckle Feet or similar can easily be attached through the hole provided in the middle of the Foot Cap.

 Adjustable Feet - Rubber Inserts for Knuckle Feet

Rubber Inserts

The Rubber Inserts are suitable for use as non-slip devices and floor protectors. They can be retrofitted to Knuckle Feet D40 and D80.

 Adjustable Feet - Anti Vibration Insert for Knuckle Feet

Anti-Vibration Insert

The Anti-Vibration Insert can be inserted into Knuckle Foot D80 to absorb shocks and vibrations by internal friction.

The material is resistant to aging and corrosion as well as to oils, greases, acids and solvents.

 Adjustable Feet - Foot Clamps for Securing Machine Feet

Foot Clamps

Foot Clamps are used for floor or wall mounting of Knuckle Feet D60 and D80.

The fastening set can be used to mount a machine to concrete.

 Adjustable Feet - Base Plate Transport Plate

Base Plate/Transport Plate

Base Plate/Transport Plates are stable fastening plates for adjustable feet, castors, ring bolts and other elements.

They can be screwed into the core bores in the profile end faces or onto the sides of the profiles.

More options are available by contacting Modular Components & Automation.