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Building Blocks - Aluminium Profile Australia

Engineer your own creations, or let us do it for you. A design made from the item Building Kit System is a flexible solution that can be assembled easily. The basic elements consist of aluminium profiles, fasteners and accessories.


Profile sizes and shapes are varied, from small sections of 16 x 8.5mm up to 200 x 80mm. The profile can be cut to the length you require, with no minimum length and a maximum length of 6 metres for most profiles.

Profile 8 is our most extensive range, including flat cross sections and large profiles. Profile 5 and Profile 6 are perfect for smaller, more compact projects.

The aluminium alloy is resistant to weathering and many chemicals. The surface of the profile has been specially treated to make it scratch-resistant and has also been corrosion-protected.

In practice, the profiles are re-usable and the material is suitable for recycling.

 Profiles Aluminium Extrusion Basic Elements

Profile 8  (8mm groove)

Profile 6  (6mm groove)

Profile 5  (5mm groove)

 Aluminium Profiles - Item Basic Elements

Curved and Angled Profiles

Conduit Profiles


Our range of fasteners provide power-locking connections of extreme rigidity. The diverse range can accomodate practically any angle.

The screw attachment principle of all the fasteners is of particular benefit when making modifications to the structure at a later date, easily allowing enlargements or reductions in the size and shape of the aluminium framework.

In most cases, the only tools required for assembly are standard hexagon keys.

 Fasteners and Connectors for Aluminium Profiles

Right Angle Fasteners

T-slot Nuts

 Fasteners and Connectors for Aluminium Profiles

Angle Fasteners

Panel Fasteners


Hundreds of accessories are available to suit practically any situation when building with aluminium profiles. Whatever design you have in mind, there’s likely to be an accessory to enhance it.

Handles, grip rails and hinges finish off doors, cabinets and safety guards. Alternatively, a smart Sliding Door System can be incorporated into the design.

Multiblocks, brackets and lip seal secure panels to the aluminium profile frame.

Our adjustable feet and castors are strong options, capable of withstanding sizeable loads, uneven floors and catering to infinite designs. Whether they be needed for small jigs, cabinets, workbenches or heavy duty trolleys.

Covers for the aluminium profile grooves and end caps are also available for the final steps of the design process.

A diverse range of sliding mechanisms can bring many projects to life. The simple T-slot Slider is a popular choice for manual, linear slides, while Bearing Units provide a rigid, highly engineered solution for linear motion.




 Adjustable Feet

Adjustable Feet

Cable Holds


End Caps for Aluminium Profiles and Components

Cover Profiles

End Caps

 Ball Latch for Cabinets, Machine Guards, Safety Guarding and more

Door Accessories

Sliding Door System


Hinges for Aluminium Profiles and universal use


Sliding Mechanisms

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