An All-Rounder

Roller Conveyors are ideal for goods transfer in many different scenarios, including workbench interlinking and factories where goods often need to be lifted and handled.

The size of the conveyor will depend on its intended use. The t-slot aluminium structure that frames the conveyor can be designed to fit the required space and height.

The maximum length of the Roller Conveyor is 6 metres. The width can be up to 800mm, when employing the 50mm aluminium tube.

Roller Conveyor TR50

Manual or Automated

One of the first decisions to be made is whether the conveyor will be Manual or Driven. Manual conveyors work solely on either gravity or manual handling. Driven conveyors turn the rollers automatically using a motor.

Manual Roller Conveyors >>

Driven Roller Conveyors >>

O Ring Conveyor Automated

Height Adjustment

Differing height options can be integrated into the frame design using either telescopic profiles or a hydraulic lifting system.

Telescopic Profiles >>

Hydraulic Lifting System >>

Telescopic Profiles for height adjustment

Choose the tube that will suit your application

Choose from either plastic or aluminium tubes in either 30mm or 50mm dimensions. Plastic tubes create gentle, scratch-free movement. Aluminium tubes can cover wide distances. The 50mm is ideal for heavy loads.

Conveyor Roller TR30 Plastic
Manual Conveyor Roller TR30 Aluminium

Request a quote

Call us or email a simple sketch of what you would like and we can provide a quote. If you’re not sure what you need, contact us to discuss your requirements.

A computer-generated drawing of your conveyor can be provided before manufacture to take the guess-work out of such an important purchase.

Depending on the conveyor size, it may be possible to ship the complete unit to you. However, in most cases, the conveyor can be delivered as a flat pack for a cost effective option.