Create the flow of the workplace

Castor Rail Conveyors take the strain off personnel and keep everyone well supplied with intermediate storage and FIFO racks.

There is freedom to design with the dimensions you need, with modifications easily achieved. In most cases, assembly can be done onsite by one person and very quickly.

Wheels for Conveyors

Update and reconfigure

The inserts are sold separately, to allow for any combination of coloured Castors, Brushes, Balls and Slide Strips along the conveyor rail.

Each option is quickly and easily inserted into the rail at the desired spot and can be changed over when there is need for a different configuration.

Conveyor Rail with Interchangable parts

The rails are anodised aluminium, significantly lighter than steel

The rails are inherently stable and can be installed either level or at a gradient using the right fastening brackets. The rail comes in 6 metre lengths and can be cut to size before delivery.

End caps come with the necessary screws, no machining is required.

End Cap for Castor Rail Conveyor

Attach the rails to either D30 round aluminium or the standard Profile 8 range.

Fastener for D30 Round Tube

Design and assembly advice are readily available

Send a sketch or give us a description and we can help you finalise the design and send you a quote.