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Simple DIY with professional results.

The flow of the workplace through use of trolleys, conveyors and flow-racks can be a great time saving technique and increase safety. Profile Tube System D30 solves material handling problems, delivering cost efficiency and flexibility of design.

The only tool required is a 5mm allen key once the tubes are cut to size, which can be done with a regular hacksaw, or similar. Precision cuts are not required as the tube can be cut 5mm short without affecting the holding force of the fastening. The tubes are anodised aluminium, significantly lighter than steel and with high rigidity.

As well as having a large range of additional accessories, Profile Tube System D30 is also compatible with the regular Profile 6 range of aluminium and fasteners, therefore knuckle feet, castors and other accessories are at your fingertips.

Modifications ‘on-the-go’ are very achievable due to versatile connectors and no minimum quantities to buy.

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Material Handling Flow Rack D30 Lean Manufacturing
Aluminium Trolley D30 D30 Roller Conveyors

Parts List

D30 Tubing for Lean Manufacturing Applications
D30 Fastener and Cap
Multiblock D30
D30 Conveyors


Watch a video showing assembly
and explaining some of the many benefits: