No, there are no minimum quantities.  You are welcome to buy one fastener and 100mm of profile if that’s what you need.

Yes.  Call or email us to discuss your project and order what you need.

The Online Shop currently only caters for the D30 range of products.  However, you can buy any of the products and assemblies on this entire website by contacting us via phone or email.

We have a team ready to help you with any stage of your project.

Call us during office hours on 03 9706 4601 or send us an email.


We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express.  Payment can be arranged over the phone or if purchasing online, then via our website using the payment platform Stripe ™ .

EFT is also an option.  If paying by EFT, please send us confirmation of your payment to speed up the delivery process.


About our Products

For panels that will sit inside the groove, ie. Polycarbonate, use the following guide:

4.5mm thick for Profile 8
3mm thick for Profile 6
3mm thick for Profile 5

Panel Fasteners can help stabilise the panel.

D30 is based on a round aluminium while all other products are based on a square/rectangular aluminium.  Both types use the T-slot principle as their primary fastening style.

The square/rectangular aluminium comes in sizes known as Profile 8, Profile 6 and Profile 5, which corresponds to the millimetre width of the groove (ie. Profile 8 has an 8mm groove).

The D30 range can be connected to the square/rectangular range using Profile 6.

We recommend that each project consist of only one range of profiles and fasteners, be it entirely Profile 8, Profile 6 or Profile 5.  The design will be much simpler and user-friendly.

There are a few connectors available to join two different profile sizes together if the design requires it.  Contact us to discuss what you need.

It’s your choice.

Most of our aluminium profiles come in 6 metre lengths.  We can cut the profiles to the size you need to the nearest millimetre, at a small cost per piece. Alternatively, we can cut the profile in half to make shipping easier. We can also ship full length pieces.

Some fasteners require a drill hole or a tap into the aluminium profile.  We are happy to do the drilling and tapping for you at a small cost per process. It is best to provide us with a drawing to ensure the measurements are correct for what you’re trying to build.  Please call and ask us if you’re not sure.

There are a number of ways to obtain CAD information.

Visit and Log InCAD files are available for each individual product.

Order a CAD DVDall of the item product range is available on DVD.

Use the new CAD Online Engineering Tool from itemdesign your project, choose your parts and send us your file, all via ONE online tool.

Call or email uswe can help you find the best option.

There are a number of ways to obtain detailed product information.

Visit au.item24.coma huge amount of product information is available to view. All of item’s products can be made available, if they are not already in our warehouse.

Visit and Log Inonce registered, you will be able to download the Comprehensive Catalogue as well as many other smaller catalogues based on your desired product range.

Call us on 03 9706 4601 or send us an emailwe can send you the catalogue via email or post and answer any questions you may have.

We are unable to provide a written pricelist due to the vast number of products we sell.  We are very happy to provide you with prices when you call or email us.

There are prices available online for the round D30 range that we sell in our online Shop.

Currently, the round ‘D30’ range of profiles, fasteners and conveyors are available for purchase from our online shop.

All other products, including 40×40 aluminium profiles and fasteners can be ordered via phone or email.

All our profiles are based on Metric measurements. For example, ‘Profile 8 40×40’  is 40mm x 40mm with an 8mm groove.

The shortest length you can buy for most aluminium profiles is 50mm.

Most aluminium profiles come in 6 metre lengths. There are a small number of profiles that only come in 3 metre lengths.


About our online Shop

If you realise within 30 days of purchase that you’ve bought the wrong thing, we can offer a credit to be used in our online shop or to buy direct from us.  If the profiles or components have been cut or machined, the credit amount will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.  Any shipping costs of returning the products will be paid by you, however we can work with you to find an efficient solution.

You can read our Returns Policy here.

The current process is:

  1. You notice our fantastic products and decide to submit an order, paying via Stripe ™ credit card payment facilities
  2. If the item is out of stock or we need to clarify anything, we will call or email you
  3. We will pack and ship the goods to you
  4. You will receive an email notification that your order is on its way
  5. You receive fantastic products!

If Credit card is not the best option for you, please contact us to arrange EFT.


When ordering parts, your order will leave our Dandenong South warehouse within 1-3 days, in most cases.

The destination and size of the package will determine how long shipping will take. On average:
Metro Melbourne:   1-2 days
Country Victoria:  2-4 days
Other States:  2-7 days

Please note this is only an estimate.  As with all transport operations, there are sometimes factors outside of our control.

If the product you ordered is out of stock, you will be notified via phone or email.  We will advise you of the new ETA.  It may be useful to discuss other available options with us at that time.


Assemblies and Flat Packs

When ordering assemblies, such as a workbench or linear slide, our staff can give you an ETA once the design has been confirmed.


Please call ahead with your order as we are occasionally unable to cut profiles while you wait.

We are located at Unit 1, 16 Monterey Rd, Dandenong South VIC.

Parking is available on site. Please enter via the Office door.