Sliding Door System

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Sliding Door System

When constructing lightweight guards, sliding doors, display cabinets and other panelling structures, the clamp profile is an ideal foundation.

The clamp profile is cut to the required size from 3 metre lengths, enabling exact dimensions and shapes for the given task.

The panel element is secured in the groove by a Clamp Spring or Lip Seal.

Sliding Door Systems for Lightweight Guards, Cabinets and more
Sliding Door Systems for Aluminium Profiles

One Sliding Door Guide Set is required for each sliding door. The maximum permissable weight of one door is 10kg.

The slide pieces function as stops or catches for the second door at the terminal position.

End Cap 8 32×18 finishes off the design where required.

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Sliding Door Systems for Lightweight Guards, Cabinets and more
 Sliding Door System for Aluminium ProfilesAssembly Diagram

0.0.373.67 Aluminium Clamp Profiles 8 32x18

Clamp Profile 8 32×18

0.0.404.87 Sliding Door Guide Set 8/8

Sliding Door Guide Set 8/8

0.0.406.21 Clamping Spring 8 for Aluminium Profiles

Clamping Spring 8

0.0.404.09 Clamp-Profile Fastening Set 8 32x18

Clamp-Profile Fastening Set 8 32×18

0.0.388.87 End Caps for Aluminium Profiles 8 32x18

Cap 8 32×18

For design advice or a quote contact Modular Components & Automation.

Other sliding mechanisms for more than just doors are also available.

Alternatively, we can supply a complete display cabinet or stand, if preferred. Simply send a sketch of your design to or fax 03 9706 4350.