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T-slot Slider in Action


T-slot Slider

T-slot Slider 8 80×40 is guided by the groove of Profile 8 to form a robust slide with slide bearing. The inserts are made of free-running plastic for low-wear linear motion. The slide body made of die-cast zinc gently transfers the load into the profile groove.

The enclosed M6 nuts can be used to secure attachments to the slide.

T-slot Slider

T-slot Roller

T-slot Roller

T-slot Roller can be used to construct a simple guide for various components, for example, keyboard pull-out, panels for operating manuals or simple lifting doors.

The set includes a fixed bearing roller and a bearing hub.

T-slot Roller 8 F

Slide Guide Strip


Slide Guide Strip

The Slide Guide Strip can be mounted directly in the profile groove to create simple slide mechanisms. It can be screw-connected to aluminium profiles or to moving components.

The design is slightly offset to prevent the moving components from colliding with the fixed frame.

Two options are available, either cut to size from a length of 2 metres or 80mm sections with corresponding T-slot Nuts, screws and O-rings.

 Slide Guide 8.8e FSlide Guide Strip 8.8

Track Profile Roller Unit

Track Profile

The Track Profile System is a solution for constructing heavy duty transport equipment. It consists of a special Track Profile and guided Rollers.

The system can be fitted to aluminium profile frames to create a robust sliding mechanism, insensitive to dust and knocks.

Aluminium Track Profile

Track Profile Transfering Goods

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For a more rigid or automated sliding system, Bearing Units are ideal. Otherwise, the Sliding Door System may be what you’re looking for.