Right Angle Fasteners

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Standard Fasteners for Aluminium Profiles

Standard Fasteners

All fasteners come in sizes 5, 6 and 8, corresponding to the line of profile used. Standard Fasteners are right-angled, power-locking profile connections with high strength and minimum processing.

The end is tapped and one hole drilled inside the groove. Using a standard allen key, the fastener is secured through the drill hole.

Caps are available to cover the drill hole for closed groove profile.

Modular Components & Automation can drill and tap the profile as required.

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Universal Fasteners for Aluminium Profiles

Universal Fasteners

Universal Fasteners are suitable for profiles which need to be moved subsequently, since only one profile is processed with a single drill hole.

These fastening sets can also be installed easily into existing constructions.

The reinforced version made from cast stainless steel is particularly suitable for profile connections that are subject to vibration or temperature fluctuations.

Universal Fasteners 5/8 and 8/5 connect aluminium profile 5 to profile 8.

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PDF Icon Universal Fasteners 5/8 and 8/5

Automatic Fasteners for Aluminium Profiles

Automatic Fasteners

Automatic Fasteners are suitable for profiles which need to be moved subsequently, since they are only screwed into one profile.

These fastening sets can be installed easily into existing constructions. The profiles do not need to be machined in order to use the Automatic Fasteners.

The fastener is screwed into a profile groove in the end face, the thread being cut automatically. An L-Key is used for tightening the screws.

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Angle Bracket with Gusset for Aluminium Profiles

Angle Brackets with Gusset

Angle Brackets with gusset need no machining and are ideal for reinforcing profile connections or for fastening a range of components to profiles.

Sizes range from 20×20 upto 160×80.

End Caps are available to finish off the design.

Angle Bracket Sets include the bracket, T-slot nuts, screws and end cap.

Metal Brackets Right Angled for Aluminium Profiles or Universal Use

Angle Brackets, right-angled

These universal-use metal brackets are very versatile and can be used for securing various components on profiles.

Metal brackets with a slot can be used to adjust the position and angle of the bracket.

A range of sizes are available from 20mm to 80mm.

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Central Fastener

Central Fastening Set for Panel Connections

Central Fastening Sets are useful for installing panels, as the fastener ensures the groove area remains free. No machining of the panel corner is required.

They are a particularly cost effective means of making a profile connection and should only be used for profile connections subject to low loads.

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Corner Fastening Sets

Corner Fastening Sets – Square

Corner Fastening Sets can be used to construct a corner unit with three profiles or one corner angle with two profiles ensuring a continuous profile geometry. These fastening sets are ideal for constructing attractive display cabinets, tables, cover hoods, etc.

The set includes the cap, the fastener and screws and are readily available in sizes 5 and 8.

The profiles require a thread through the core bore, referred to as tapping.

Corner Fastening Sets, Angled

Corner Fastening Sets – Angled

As well as the square corner fasteners, angled fasteners are available in the same black plastic. They are designed to suit angled profiles in sizes 5, 6 and 8.

The profiles require a thread through the core bore, otherwise referred to as tapping.

The set includes the cap, the fastener and screws.

More options are available by contacting Modular Components & Automation.

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