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Lip Seal for Sealing Panels in Aluminium Profiles

Lip Seal

Panels placed inside the groove can be secured with Lip Seal. It is effective for fastening and sealing panels of different thicknesses.

A range of sizes are available to suit the groove to be filled. The elastic material is resistant to cleaning agents.

Multiblocks for securing panels to Aluminium Profiles


Multiblocks are inserted in the profile groove at any position. The panel, drilled at the appropriate location, is then screwed to the Multiblock.

Four offset positions from the edge of the profile are possible. This allows different thicknesses of panels to be flush with the side of the profile.

Profiles 5, 6 and 8 each have a corresponding Multiblock.

The Multiblocks can be moved within the groove in order to align them with the bore in the panel element.

Panel Clamps for securing panels to Aluminium Profiles

Panel Clamps

Panel Clamps are suitable for securing panel elements to Profile 8 without the need for additional machining. Tightening the clamping screw fixes the Panel Clamp to both the panel element and the profile.

They are particularly suitable for attachment of unframed panels. The clamp can be pinned for securing the panel element against movement.

Castor for sliding door systems and Aluminium Profiles

Castor 8

This style of castor is mounted in the 8mm profile groove of line 8 to allow for easy sliding across the profile. Using M6 screws, the castors can be secured to any chosen components in order to move these along the profile groove.

Light, intrinsically stable panels can be used as sliding doors in conjunction with the castors.

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Metal Brackets for securing panels to Aluminium Profiles and other uses

Flat Brackets

Brackets are fastening elements suitable for connecting and attaching cable conduits, support profiles, panel elements or any other components.

When connecting the bracket to anything without profile grooves, the components will need to be provided with appropriate bores or threads.

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Rebate Profile for securing panels to Aluminium Profiles

Rebate Profile

Rebate Profile is an aluminium rebate strip, cut to size from a 2m length of profile. It is used for universal fastening of various elements to Profile 8. It is suitable as a continuous screw strip to aid in dust and dirt-tight constructions.

The rebate strip is inserted into the groove and fixed in position with grub screws M6.

19 inch Rebate Profile for Electrical Racking

Rebate Profile 8 Al 19″

19″ rebate strip is used for fixing 19″ front plates or 19″ housings, or other panel elements. These are secured by Captive Nuts which are inserted in the square openings of the Rebate Profile.

This Rebate Profile is ideal for electrical racking.

The Captive Nut is installed by snapping the latch springs into the corresponding recess. The recesses can be either Square or Round. The Square having an anti-torsion feature.

Cover Profile for Fastening Panels in Aluminium Profiles

Cover Profile as a Panel Fastener

Plastic cover profile can also serve as a panel fastener. If put in upside down it can secure panels in the profile groove.

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