Machining Processes

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These processes can be performed in our workshop before shipping.

Drilled Hole for Aluminium Profiles and Fasteners


Drilled holes of various widths can be processed, with the outer edge of the profile remaining intact.

Standard Fasteners require this form of processing.

Tapping for Aluminium Profiles and Fasteners


Standard Fasteners also require Tapping whereby a thread is created in the end face of the profile.

This process is required for Adjustable Feet and other components that attach to the end face of the profile.

Counter Boring for Aluminium Profiles and Fasteners

Counter Boring

Counter Boring is a larger drill hole for Universal Fasteners. The Fastener then fills the gap that is created on the profile edge.

T-Slot Nuts

T-slot Nuts

A large range of components can be attached using T-slot nuts inside the profile groove, these require no machining at all and are ideal for simple and fast assembly.

D30 Fastener and Cap

Round Aluminium D30

Another alternative that doesn’t require any machining is the Round Aluminium D30. All that is required is a 5mm Allen key once the round aluminium tubes have been cut. The connections and conveyors are easy to readjust and reconfigure over and over again.