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Steel Hinges for Aluminium Profiles or universal use
0.0.373.82 Steel Hinge

Steel Hinges

Steel Hinges are universal, lightweight hinges for doors and lids. In most cases, they can be mounted on the inside or outside of the door.

The panel element or door can be swung around 180°.

The slots allow the hinge to be adjusted and used for profile lines 5, 6 and 8.

Plastic Hinges for Aluminium Profiles or universal use
0.0.431.25 Hinge 6 PA Left

Plastic Hinges

Plastic Hinges are simple components for lightweight doors and lids. They are provided with an anti-torsion element which engages on the profile grooves.

For aluminium profiles 6 and 8, the hinges can be fitted with the ability to be lifted off at a later date or remain permanently fitted.

Dimensions of Profile 6 Hinge pictured.

Hinges Zn for Aluminium Profiles or universal use Hinge 8 40 Zn

Hinge Zn

Hinge Zn can be used on profiles or on any desired panel elements to construct swing doors.

The basic unit of the Hinge used in conjunction with assymetric anti-torsion blocks allows a whole range of combinations and mounting options in aluminium profiles 6 and 8.

Dimensions of Profile 8 Hinge pictured.

Aluminium Hinges for Aluminium Profile or universal use
0.0.488.94 Hinge 8 Al PP4

Hinge Al, Light Duty

These hinges are made from anodized aluminium and are suitable for swivel doors and lids designed using either profiles or solid panels. They can be surface mounted, enabling doors to be fitted to the fixed outer frame with virtually no door gap.

Dimensions of Profile 8 Hinge pictured.

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