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Door Stop 8

Door Stop

The Door Stop limits the movement of framed doors in machine guards, display cases, etc. It is fitted with 2 elastomer inserts to dampen the contact between the door and the door stop.

Once the door has been swung against the door stop, the door is secured without scratching or damaging the profiles.

It is designed to work with a Profile 8 40mm door and fastens to the outer frame using T-slot nuts and screws, providing a lead-in edge to guide the door.

Handles Aluminium for Cabinet Handles, Guard Handles and more

Aluminium Handles

Aluminium Handles are stable, coated handles of straight or angled design. They are ideal as door or cabinet handles.

The cranked handles are particularly suitable for sliding and swing doors to reduce the risk of fingers being crushed.

Aluminium Handles can be secured from the rear where the fastenings are concealed, or from the front when used with the fastening sets.

Lightweight Aluminium Handles for Cabinet Handles, Guard Handles and more

Light Duty Handles

These lightweight aluminium handles are suitable for universal applications.

The handle is secured from the rear with M5 screws.

Locating washers can be used to adapt to profiles of different lines.

Plastic Handles for Cabinet Handles, Guard Handles and more

Plastic Handles

Plastic Handles are highly versatile for many applications. They can be attached from the front or rear and are particularly suitable for sliding doors and swing doors.

Handle PA 160 has the option of an additional cap to fill out the cavity. It is fitted after the handle has been installed.

Handle Grip - Custom length for cabinet handles, guard handles and more

Handle Grip System

This unique Grip System consists of Grip Cover Profile and End Caps. The grip cover profile is cut to size from a 20m length and inserted into the sides of Profile 6 30×30. The handle can therefore be customised to practically any length.

The end caps are then placed on either end.

It is particularly suitable for heavy doors.

Grip Rail Profile for Door Handles

Grip Rail Profile

Grip Rail Profile can be used on swing, sliding doors and drawers, etc. When attached to panels, the Grip Rail Profile also has a stabilizing effect.

The Rail Profile is cut to size from 3 metre lengths, so it can be customised to the panel length.

Two end caps are then used to cover the end faces of the profile.

Magnetic Door Catch for Cabinets, Machine Guards, Safety Guarding and more

Magnetic Door Catch

The Magnetic Catch is suitable for latching swing and sliding doors and lids. It can be adjusted to the thickness of the panel elements by means of mounting slots.

The catch can be rotated around 180° for different holding strengths.

Ball Latch for Cabinets, Machine Guards, Safety Guarding and more

Ball Latch

Ball Latches are a quick-action latch for sliding and swing doors. They can be adjusted to the thickness of the panel elements by means of mounting slots.

It is a low wear design with increased holding force. Use of a catch mounting bracket permits a narrow door gap.

Door Latch Zn

Door Latch Zn

This slimline door latch is suitable for swing doors. It fits in the door gap between the standing profile and the door. Because of its slim design, a door gap of 12mm is possible. The Door Latch locks onto the head of a Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw DIN 912-M6, which is screwed into the opposite groove using a T-slot Nut.

The latch can be attached to any combination of Line 6 or 8 aluminium profile.

Hanger 8 for Cabinets, Machine Guards, Safety Guarding and more Hanger 8 Diagram - Using Hanger 8


The Hanger provides an easy, safe and detachable solution for fastening frames in  safety guarding and enclosures.

They can be set up in such a way that a loose or missing screw attachment on the frame elements cannot go unnoticed.

It is a robust design that allows for frequent use.

It can be screwed together from the front or the back.

For one-person assembly the frame element is lowered from above onto the hangers.

Otherwise, the frame element is slid into the hanger from below and secured.

Door Lock 6-8 Zn

Door Lock 6-8 Zn

Door Lock 6-8 Zn is a lock system for swing doors that can be screwed onto door frames and fixed door frames constructed from Line 6 or 8 Profiles.

Fitted with an ergonomic swivel handle, Door Lock 6-8 Zn is the perfect solution for doors that are opened and closed frequently.

The spring-loaded latch engages in the lock case secured to the outer frame.

More options are available by contacting Modular Components & Automation.