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Aluminium Profiles with Cover ProfileCover Profile Plastic

Cover Profiles for the Aluminium Profile Groove

When finishing off a project, cover profile is available to cover the profile groove for a neater finish, to seal against dust and maintain cleanliness. Cover profile is available in plastic or aluminium.

Aluminium Cover Profile 8 can be used to cover wiring and hoses inside the profile groove.

Plastic cover profile is readily available in black or grey, other colours can be accomodated if required.

Aluminium Profiles with Plastic Cover ProfileCover Profile as Panel Fastener

Cover Profile as a Panel Fastener

Plastic cover profile can also serve a secondary purpose. If put in upside down it can secure panels in the profile groove.

For more options on fastening panels, click here.

Non-slip Cover Profile for Aluminium Profiles

Cover Profile 8 32x4

Cover Profile 8 32×4 – Non-slip

Cover Profile 8 32×4 provides an elastic cover for the profile groove or profile side faces.

They are ideal for non-slip surfaces, for example steps or buffer strip for sliding doors.

More options are available by contacting Modular Components & Automation.