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Aluminium Profiles - Conduit Profiles E

Conduit Profiles E

Simple aluminium conduits for cables and hoses. Conduit Profiles E and the corresponding Lid Profiles can be used to construct installation conduits of sizes 40x20mm, 40x40mm and 80x80mm.

The associated End Caps are also available.

Aluminium Profiles - Lid Profiles Lid Profile D40 E

Lid Profile D40 E Lid Profile D80 E

Lid Profile D80 E

Conduit and Lid Conduit Profile U 40x20 E

Conduit Profile U 40×20 E Conduit Profile U 40x40 E Conduit Profile U 40×40 E Conduit Profile U 80x80 E

Conduit Profile U 80×80 E

Modular Conduit Systems

Modular Conduit System

The Modular Conduit System can be used to construct various sizes of conduit to accomodate cables and hoses. It is a combination of Wall Profiles and Support Profiles. Lid Profiles can also be used.

The different conduit elements are simply locked into each other, meaning any side of the conduit can be removed if required.

The benefits of this system are high rigidity, inherent stability, load-bearing capacity and low weight by virtue of the anodized profiles. Support Profile 80

Support Profile 80

0.0.418.47 Support Profile 120

Support Profile 120

Modular Conduit System Support Profile 160

Support Profile 160 Wall Profile 40 Wall Profile 40 Wall Profile 80 Wall Profile 80 0.0.411.19 Wall Profile 120 Wall Profile 120 0.0.411.21 Wall Profile 160 Wall Profile 160

More options are available by contacting Modular Components & Automation.

A range of clever Cable Holds are also available, compatible with Aluminium Profile 8.