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Fasteners for Angles - Mitre Fasteners
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Mitre Fasteners

Mitre Fasteners connect two sections of Aluminium Profile 8 at practically any angle. The profile grooves inside the frame remain unobstructed, ideal for holding panels. The clamping pins at right angles to the profile generate particularly high clamping forces.

Aluminium profile can be cut to the desired angle in our workshop.

Fasteners for Angles - Using Mitre Fasteners

Fasteners for Angles - Angle Element T1

Angle Elements T1 and T2

T1 Angle Elements fasten a profile at an angle of 45° when creating bracing and latticework.

T2 Angle Elements fasten two profiles at an angle of 45°.

The ends of the angle elements are covered with the appropriate end caps.

Fasteners for Angles - Angle Element T2

Hinges, Heavy Duty for Angled Connections

Hinges, heavy duty

This particular hinge is suitable for connecting aluminium profiles 6 or 8 at various angles up to 180°. When used with the spacer rings, they can be used as freely movable hinges. Without spacer rings they can be used as rigid angle elements.

The Hinge with Clamp Lever can be locked in position or released.

Hinges with Clamp Lever for Angled Connections

Direct Fastening Set for Aluminium Profiles

Direct Fastening Sets

These fastening sets are ideal for a power-lock connection of two profiles 8 that touch along the edges.

No machining is required, which means the profiles can be moved or removed at a later date. Both profiles can be moved in the direction of the groove when not securely fastened.

A stainless steel option is also available as well as bright-zinc plated.

Direct Fastening Set 8


Angle Clamp Brackets

Angle Clamp Brackets are used for connecting two aluminium profiles whose side faces are in contact and which cross at an angle.

The bracket serves as a fixed point of rotation for profiles crossing each other.


Angle Clamp Bracket Line 8

Parallel and Butt Fasteners

Parallel Fastener

Parallel Fastener 8

Parallel Fasteners are ideal for fastening two parallel Line 8 Profiles at a distance of 12mm. Both halves of the spring loaded fastener engage in the profile grooves facing each other. This fixes the profiles in position. The fastener is then clamped by tightening an internal screw.

The 12mm gap between the profiles can be covered in full using the specific aluminium Cover Profile, cut to size from a 2 metre length. The corresponding end cap covers the end-face gap between the profiles when using the Cover Profile.

Universal Butt Fasteners

Universal Butt Fastening Sets

The Universal Butt Fastening Sets can be used to connect the end faces of two profiles from line 8. The sets should always be used in pairs. Depending on the load, several pairs may be necessary.

Connection processing of the profiles is the same as for the Universal Fastening Sets.

Automatic Butt Fastening Set

Automatic Butt Fastening Sets

The Automatic Butt Fastening Sets can be used to connect the end faces of two profiles from the same line without machining. They are available for line 5 and line 8.

The sets should always be used in pairs. Depending on the load and profile type, several pairs may be necessary.

The fastener is screwed into a profile groove in the end face, cutting the thread automatically.

Mitre Butt Fasteners

Mitre Butt Fastening Sets

Mitre Butt-Fastening Sets are suitable for connecting the end faces of two aluminium profiles at an angle. They are used primarily when constructing frames and panel edging.

The profile grooves facing each other inside the frame remain unobstructed so they can be used for holding panel elements.

More options are available by contacting Modular Components & Automation.