Aluminium Profile Specifications

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A design made from the item Building Kit System is a flexible solution that can be assembled easily. The basic elements are aluminium profiles, fasteners and accessories. 

Recommended Assembly Configurations (255KB)

– Load Resistant Support

– Preferred Orientation of Profile

– Attachment on the Profile

– Support for a Joint

Attachment on the Profile

Groove Positions and Dimensions (467KB)

– External Dimensions and Modular Dimensions

– Core Bore

– Tensile Loading

– Torsion

– Tolerance

Preferred Orientation of Profile

Aluminium Profiles Technical Data (61KB)

– Mechanical Details

– Surface

Technical Data of Extruded Profile

Profile 5

Deflection Profile 5 (1.18MB)
Torsion Angle Profile 5 (1.15MB)

Profile 6

Deflection Profile 6 (1.28MB)
Torsion Angle Profile 6 (1.15MB)

Profile 8

Deflection Profile 8 (1.44MB)
Torsion Angle Profile 8 (1.24MB)
Aluminium Profiles 5
Profile 6
Profile 8