Timing Belt Drives

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Timing Belt Drives move  in a linear motion. They can then be attached to a motor which automates the movement.

Load specifications, speed and accuracy need to be considered in the design stage. Modular Components & Automation are available to offer design advice or can create the unit for you.

The basic Timing Belt Drive consists of 5 components: The Timing Belt (3) is secured to the slide carriage by means of a Timing Belt Tensioner (1), turned through 180° by a Timing Belt Reverse Unit (2), routed back through 180° by a second Timing Belt Reverse Unit (4), and then linked to the other end of the carriage (5) with a Fixing Block and Tensioner.

A motor can be attached to the Timing Belt Reverse Unit through various means in order to turn the timing belt.

Timing Belt Drives Drawing

Timing Belt Reverse Unit 8 40 VK14

Timing Belt Reverse Units

The Reverse Unit is mounted to Profile 8.

As well as being a guide for the belt, it can also be used as a coupling for drive mechanisms or shaft. Two types are available, one for a multi-spline shaft, the other with a hollow bore of 8mm, reborable up to 15mm.

It is possible for the Reverse Unit to turn the Belt 90° rather than 180°.

Timing Belt Slide Mechanism

Timing Belts

Timing Belts feature low noise, low maintenance and low play. They are made of polyurethane-moulded steel wires which means they are sufficiently elastic to absorb and dampen impacts.

The Timing Belt can be used on the outside or the inside of the aluminium profile.

Timing Belt Tensioner, Fixing Block 8 R25

Timing Belt Tensioner and Fixing Block

The Tensioner and Fixing Block are used for fastening and tensioning the Timing Belt on the carriage.

Where high loads are involved, it is recommended that the Tensioner and Fixing Block be pinned.


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