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Linear Unit KLEThe KLE is a linear slide, using the same t-slot principles as the entire item range.  It comes preassembled, ready to install and can be synchronised with other KLE slides.

The functional elements of the KLE are covered for safe, clean operation. Which, in turn, reduces possible malfunctions caused by soiling.  In summary, it is a high precision, low maintenance solution for linear movement.

The frame of the KLE is custom designed to suit the application. Whether it be a free-standing table or fixed within an existing facility, the Item Aluminium Profile range allows for utmost flexibility.

KLE Parts










1. Drive Unit KLE with connection facility for drive motor and synchronisation
2. Profile KLE
3. Timing Belt AT with PA fabric backing
4. Cover Plate for Slide KLE
5. Slide KLE with belt clamping
6. Rollers, adjustable
7. Roller, fixed
8. Lubricating Systems
9. Shaft
10. Reverse Unit KLE with integrated Timing Belt tensioning device



KLE Carriage Plate

The carriage plate is a universal means of securing attachments to the moving slide.  It is provided with all necessary fastening holes and elements.  Custom length carriage plates are also available.

KLE Carriage Plate Dims

Sliding Linear Unit KLE

The stroke length of the KLE is variable and the length of each axis can be up to 6000mm.

Acceleration: max 10m/s2

Travel speed: max 10m/s

 KLE 80x80 Dimensions


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