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Ergoswiss Height Adjustment Devices

The Ergoswiss system of hydraulic lifting devices can be designed into the Aluminium Profile range simply and efficiently. An unlimited range of solutions can be achieved.

One of the most common uses is for adjusting table heights, particularly for enabling employees to sit or stand as they need. However, adjustable workbenches have also proven useful in warehouse situations for assembly or packaging areas where parts or box dimensions vary.

The lifting mechanisms can also be used in display cabinets. The top of the cabinet can be raised in order to get to the display objects. When lowered, entry to the display cabinet is well concealed. Another useful application is adjusting the height of equipment and machinery.

Key Advantages:

As well as having a high load capacity, slim design and low noise, other key advantages include:

Synchronous Lift – with the hydraulic system, each cylinder travels the same distance. This eliminates the possibility of tilting, even with uneven load distribution.

Retrofitting – the system can be integrated and attached to existing frames.

Choice – the system can be either electric driven or hand wind.

Precise Positioning – electric driven systems include memorisation of various heights.

Flexibility – the dimensions and overall function of the unit is determined by the user.

Table Systems

Table System TT – With its solid aluminium skirt and high-precision workmanship, System TT guarantees high stability with little wear. The flexible system is suitable for use in assembly work benches, material handling, height-adjustable beds and baths as well as general mechanical engineering and furniture construction.

Overview System TT.pdf


Table System TA – A large number of variations can be compiled from only a few components with the System TA. With its sleek design it is suitable for assembly areas, office desks, conveyors and display units, as well as general furniture construction.

Overview System TA.pdf

In addition to the Table Systems, the other components of the height adjustment system are:

Linear Units
Overview_Linear Units.pdf

Overview Cylinders.pdf

Overview Pumps.pdf

Electric Drives
Overview Electric Drives.pdf

Upon purchase, it is important to view and follow the assembly instructions.

Helpful videos regarding assembly and oil refills can be found on the Ergoswiss website. 

Particular attention should be paid to:
Tubing onto cylinders
Tubing onto pumps
System TA Base Frames
Oil Refill Instructions

Ergonomic Workbenches from Ergoswiss
 Display Case from Ergoswiss
 TA from Ergoswiss


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