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All of our conveyors are customised to fit the space and use aluminium profiles to frame and support the conveyor in any configuration.  Their various uses are extensive, from transporting goods between workbenches to large automated production facilities.

A computer-generated drawing of the design can be provided before manufacture to take the guess-work out of such an important purchase.

Roller Conveyor

Roller Conveyors

Chain Driven Roller Conveyor

Chain Driven
Roller Conveyors

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyors

Castor Rail ConveyorCastor Rail Conveyors

Ball Transfer UnitBall Transfer Units

Flow Rack

Flow Racks

 Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyors Transport

The width and length of a Roller Conveyor TR50 is completely customised to suit the desired space.

The design is simple and well engineered to allow an easy flow of goods from A to B.

Each bearing set is simply pushed into a roller and then screw fitted into the groove of Profile 8 aluminium.

The spring loaded pins mean that each individual roller can be added or removed at any time, if required.

Wear-resistant plastic strips with low friction can be added at appropriate positions to protect surfaces and prevent static build up.

Telescopic Profiles can be incorporated to allow height adjustment at one or both ends of the conveyor.

Contact us today with your desired dimensions and load requirements.


Chain Driven Roller Conveyors

 Chain Roller Conveyor

A Chain Driven Roller Conveyor automates the  Roller Conveyor TR50 (above) by turning the rollers using a chain and motor.

Chain Driven Roller ConveyorsThe chain is concealed inside the aluminium profile, as well as a Housing Profile stretching along the entire length of the conveyor, creating an inherently safe design.

Depending on your requirements, several configurations and motors are available, including a reversing unit.

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Belt Conveyors

 Belt Conveyor with Extremity Drive

There is complete freedom of design with Elcom’s range of flat belt conveyors and Item’s aluminium profiles.

Widths of between 40 and 1000mm are achievable for the conveyor. The length can be from 400mm up to 6 metres.

Conveyor with Item FrameThe supporting frame of the conveyor is custom designed to suit the application.

Whether that be freestanding, portable or fixed within an existing production facility.

Simply send through a sketch of what you need and MCA can provide a quote.

Castor Rail Conveyors

Castor Rail Conveyors

For a simple and cost-effective means of conveying and storing goods, the Castor Rail Conveyors are ideal. The castors are available in multiple colours for identifying fill levels and designating areas.

Castor Rail ConveyorEach castor is snapped into place along a custom length of aluminium profile.

Other inserts can be interchanged, such as brushes, castor ball sets and slide strips.

The shape and dimensions of the conveyor are tailored to suit the customer’s needs.

Simply send through a sketch of what you need and MCA can provide a quote.

Ball Transfer Units

Ball Transfer Unit

Ball Transfer Units allow goods to be moved in any direction. The configuration is determined by the size of the goods and the space required.

With low wear and low friction, the ball bearings are gentle on the goods being conveyed. Brush Inserts can be used in place of the ball bearings for an even more gentle approach.

Conveyor Slide StripsSlide Strips on the base and sides of the unit can be added for protection.

The frame can be freestanding or incorporated into an existing framework.

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Flow Racks

Flow Rack

Flow racks are a quick and easy way to move and temporarily hold goods in assembly areas.

The round 30mm aluminium is a cost-effective option which can be freestanding or easily fixed to an existing framework.

Flow Racks Aluminium TubeAssembly of the unit on site is very simple, with only an allen key required once the aluminium tubes are cut to size.

Cutting the tubes can be done with a hacksaw or similar.

More information on the round aluminium system can be found here.


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