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Bearing Unit Sliding MechanismBearing Units are precision-engineered sliding mechanisms, onto which many things can be universally attached.  A range of sizes caters for small, lightweight camera slides up to complex, heavy duty manufacturing equipment.  An effective way of automating the Bearing Units is with a Timing Belt Drive.

Length, load specifications, frictional forces and service life should be calculated in the design stage. Modular Components & Automation can offer design advice or create the unit for you.

The overall unit consists of Aluminium Profile 8, Shaft Clamp Profile, Shaft, Bearing Units and the End Cap and Lubricating System.

The object to be moved can be attached to the carriage plate using T-slot Nuts and/or fasteners such as Angle Brackets.

For simpler sliding mechanisms, click here.

Shaft Clamp Profile

Shaft Clamp Profile and Shaft

The Shaft Clamp Profile is pressed into the groove of standard aluminium profile. The shaft is then pressed in. It is along this shaft that the carriage slides.

For constructions longer than 3 metres the components should be assembled with joints offset to each other.

Shaft for Sliding Mechanism

Bearing Unit 8 D14 c

Bearing Units

Bearing Units are the foundation of the sliding carriage. Single or Double Bearing Units are available for different uses.

Two types, ‘eccentric’ and ‘centric’ differ in the geometry of the bolts to ensure the guide unit is free from play. One of each should be used.

Double-Bearing Unit 8 D14 c

Bearing Unit Sliding Mechanism

End Cap and Lubricating System

The End Cap and Lubricating System sits on the ends of the Bearing Units to prevent premature wear.

The felt is saturated in oil when it leaves the factory. It is recommended to re-oil every six months.

End Cap and Lubricating 8 D14

Slide Clamp as a Stop

Slide Clamp 8, Heavy Duty

Slide Clamps are used to secure the guide slide for hand-operated slides and as a limit stop for mechanical movement.

The design of the clamp prevents undue force being applied to the bearings as a result of the clamping action.

Slide Clamp 8 as Stop


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